Each threat, or potential threat, must be evaluated uniquely.

With that said, we cannot engage China in a protracted proxy war as we have with Russia through Ukraine. The Chinese Communists are masters of protracted and indirect conflict, and they are extremely patient.

Historically the underlying Chinese Communist conflict strategy has been focused on protracted conflicts. They have also been averse to direct confrontation until they have sapped the strength of their opponent. I would say that the Chinese Communist Party behaves like a venomous snake toward their enemies, first it bites its’ victim and then injects its venom, and then when the victim is paralyzed it consumes the victim.

At this juncture, I propose the following as one strategic political option to peacefully but firmly deal with the Chinese Communist thirst for Taiwan, which is really a greater thirst for the unification of everything they claim is Chinese; including their international economic “colonies”.

We break the initiative of the Chinese Communists with regards to Taiwan by using Article IV Section 3 “New States”, and have the Congress convene for the purpose of offering Taiwan admission as our 51st State.

Yes, one strategy that would really demand and demonstrate our strength is to offer Taiwan admission as the 51st State.

Of course the Taiwanese people would have to freely vote for acceptance of the offer.

Additionally this strategy should be accompanied with strong emphasis on otherwise maintaining peace with China, as well as immediately ending the sanctions on Russia and the aid being given to Ukraine.

Lastly, if the Taiwanese reject the offer, then we should immediately remove ourselves from the conflict over Taiwan entirely; but ideologically unify and prepare ourselves to hold the line against CCP expansion.